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Have a positive impact on the environment, recycle your electronics

Electronic waste diversion has stalled due to a lack of awareness. Do you ever find yourself asking, where can I dispose of my electronics? How about conveniently dropping them of at our warehouse in The Junction, right in Toronto?

With the increasingly high pace of technology advancements, we see an accelerated replacement rate of electronic devices. But what happens to devices rendered obsolete? Developing good recycling habits to divert e-waste from the main waste stream starts with informing and educating the public on what options are available to them. This is why, we are opening our warehouse for public drop-off in addition to the summer collection events in partnership with numerous branches of the Toronto Public Library across the GTA in an effort to promote green thinking in regard to electronics.

The drop-off is open to the public:

Monday to Friday
Between 7.30am and 3.45pm
Location: 530 Keele Street in Unit 301

ADL Process is dedicated to the safe and sustainable recycling of used electronics, check out the list of all the products we accept, and that we are able to process at our facility in compliance with our R2 certification.

You can also learn more about the positive impact you have on the environment when recycling your electronic devices.

If you have questions, you can contact us.