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At ADL Process, we believe that engaging people, one community at a time, to raise awareness about the challenges posed by electronic waste diversion is the most powerful and effective way to get them involved.

Coming together, and developing good recycling habits as communities, is crucial for a better today and the hope of a sustainable tomorrow.


Crowd forming handIf recycling is important to you, where better to raise awareness and help people develop new habits than in your own community. Making people aware of the benefits and dangers surrounding the disposal of electronic equipment can have a substantially positive impact for your community on many levels.

ADL Process supports individuals, communities and businesses organize local electronic recycling collection events that provides opportunities to:

  • Conveniently and securely dispose of electronic waste
  • Contribute to the diversion of electronic products from landfill
  • Help conserve resources by promoting materials recovery
  • Have a positive impact on the environment by diverting toxic substances present in used electronic products, thus avoiding the contamination of soil, air and water
  • Learn best practices to develop healthy habits around electronic waste

Get involved, contribute to build a brighter cleaner future for the planet, starting with your community.

» List of products you can recycle

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    E-Waste, the next frontier in conserving the planet

    With the advancement of technology, electronic products have an increasingly rapid replacement rate. Electronic products are often inappropriately disposed of into the general waste stream, where they end up in landfill potentially harming the environment, as well as wasting valuable resources. 

    » Discover the challenges surrounding electronic waste.