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Expertly trained staff

At ADL Process, we believe the people working on the recycling and destruction lines are our most valuable resources. This is why we go further than merely training our staff in accordance with regulations. We empower them to become experts in their roles by providing the training and resources they need to take ownership of the processes.

How ADL Process’ employees are trained

Staff Member WorkingADL Process’ training programs are primarily developed to address regulations and Health & Safety requirements, we follow clear guidelines set by regulatory bodies to be part of the OES program, and compliant with Canadian and international standards such ISO, R2

At ADL Process, we believe training is a continuous endeavor as regulations and processes are constantly evolving. Our training programs ensure employees are aware of their rights and responsibilities. We emphasize how important it is to work mindfully, so that staff are fully prepared to execute their work safety.

We create our training programs as follows to include a combination of classroom sessions and hands on training.

Classroom Sessions

Orientation for new hires (entire staff retrained annually) covers:

Hands on Training

Supervisors on the job training for new hires:

  • Materials handling
  • Work instruction processes
  • Tools and equipment use
  • Housekeeping practices

In addition to the in-house training we provide, we send employees as required to external training sessions to gain specialized skills:

What makes ADL Process’ employees special

Staff Member WorkingWhat makes our employees special is how empowered they are to take ownership of the process, to become experts in all electronic recycling and data/product destruction processes.

Additionally, staff are knowledgeable in how to:

  • Spot data security risks for our clients, eliminating that risk by the proper handling and storing of data devices
  • Recover and handle hazardous materials with minimal risk of exposure and harm
  • Ensure goods are sorted properly to maximize material recovery
  • Work efficiently without compromising their safety

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