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Summer 2018 E-Waste Collection Events Participants

Summer 2018 E-Waste Collection Events lbs collected


ADL Process has been busy this summer with a series of e-waste collection community events at the Toronto Public Library branches throughout the city. Now September is here, we’re halfway through back to school week, which marks the unofficial end of the summer, even though it doesn’t feel like it with this heatwave!

It’s time to have a look at all we have achieved this summer, but before that, we want to invite you to our last e-waste collection event of the year at the Eatonville Public Library in Etobicoke on Saturday September 8th 2018 from 10am to 12pm. We are looking forward to seeing many of you!

Looking back on season 2018 of our e-waste collection program, we are very happy with the participation and the positive impact the GTA communities had on the environment.

We’ve had almost 1,000 participants helping us divert over 30,000 lbs of used electronic devices from the landfills to be recycled by dropping them off at our events.



But let’s hear funny anecdotes from Laurent Ho, our partner for the summer event at Inorganic Market, in this short interview:


ADL Process: What are the 3 oddest items people brought for recycling at the events this summer?

Laurent: Some interesting items people dropped off include a hedge trimmer, a breast pump, a lava lamp, a self-inflating mattress, a 1950’s pressure cooker, a 1970’s typewriter, a popcorn maker, and a paint sprayer.


ADL Process: The 1970’s typewriter is our favorite! A shame it was unusable… Which neighborhoods had the most kids attend the events?

Laurent: Unfortunately, we haven’t had a chance to track the number of kids attending events.  But I can tell you that the biggest turnout were at the Annette, Don Mills, Parkdale, & Goldhawk Park Library. We’re hoping to set a record attendance on Saturday at the Eatonville Library.


ADL Process: What is the most popular electronic device recycled at events?

Laurent: I’d say cables, printers, & routers.


ADL Process: What is the funniest anecdote that happened when people came to drop off their electronics at event?

Laurent:  Well, we had a few unusual stories, but if I had to pick one that stood out, it would be that of the parent coming to drop off a very large new curved LED television. His daughter had shot a bow-and-arrow at it.



We were also happy to see that people are interested in learning more about where and how their used electronics are being recycled, out of data security concerns, but also to ensure good practice in recycling e-waste. We encourage you to click on to read about how recycling your electronics can help the environment or to learn more about Data Destruction and the Electronic Recycling Process.


What a summer it has been, and we are looking forward to seeing all the GTA communities again next year for the 2019 e-waste collection community program!