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For the past 5 years, every January, ADL Process partners with Councilor Sarah Doucette from Ward 13, Toronto Public Library, Inorganic Market and Green 13 to collect e-waste at the Annette Street Public Library.

This Annual event is meant to provide the Ward 13 community with a way to safely recycle their used electronics, and also marks the annual launch of the e-waste collection community program that runs until October every year at participating branches of the Toronto Public Library across the GTA!

Below is a message on the importance of being the change in your community starting with recycling your e-waste. Learn more about how our partnership with Green 13, Councilor Doucette and Inorganic Market, helped us develop the e-waste community program, and the impact it can have in your community.



For the full list of events, go to the ADL Process Facebook Page or on the Toronto Public Library website. If the library branch nearest your residence isn’t participating, you can request your library location be added to our event list to your librarian.

Sarah Doucette is the councilor for Ward 13. Since her election in 2010, she has been working on improving the services that are vital to making Ward 13 an amazing place to live, work and play. She has been a fierce advocate and ally in supporting our mission to divert electronic waste from landfills. Click here to learn more about Sarah Doucette’s work.

Green 13 is a group of residents from Ward 13 whose goals are to advocate and raise awareness on environmental policies, climate change, and sustainability. This group has been pivotal in expanding the reach of our annual e-waste collection program with the Toronto Public Library. Visit the Green 13 website to discover their initiatives.

Inorganic Market has been our non-for-profit partner since the inception of this program. Through public events and education, Inorganic Market provides the opportunity for individuals to make a change at the community level, and be positively engaged with the problem of e-waste. Discover Inorganic Market’s impact in communities.