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Certified Product Destruction

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ADL Process offers product destruction services to businesses in Ontario. We help our clients eliminate the risks and liabilities associated with the unauthorized reappearance of branded products in the marketplace (defective and returned products, recalls, overstock…). ADL Process offers off-site destruction of products – sent to our secure facilities to be physically destroyed.

Why choose ADL Process?

ADL Process helps organizations avoid liability and reputational risks linked to the uncontrolled reintroduction of products that have been removed from the market. We perform secured, controlled physical destruction of our clients’ electronic products: electronic toys, headphones, small kitchen appliances, microwaves… Products entrusted to us are destroyed beyond recognition and are no longer usable. The destroyed parts are sent for recycling/final disposal.

Reputable local service provider

Serving Ontario since 2001, we are product destruction experts located in the heart of Toronto.

Physical Destruction

Products are sent to our secured facilities to be physically destroyed in our shredders. The shredded remains, having been rendered unusable, are sorted and recycled responsibly (see how the shredder works in the above video). For clients who require complete physical obliteration of devices, we send the shredded remains to a secure facility for incineration. Clients can also request to witness the physical destruction of their products.

Transparency and Traceability

From the moment ADL Process receives your products, we maintain chain-of-custody. We track the products as they progress throughout the destruction and recycling process. We take responsibility for all recovered materials that are being sent out to downstream recyclers, who must conform to the same legal obligations as ADL Process.

Security front and center

Protecting your organization’s reputation when disposing of defective or returned products, recalls, and overstock is crucial to prevent liability. These are the security measures ADL Process takes to ensure your products are secure:

  • Comparison of your inventory list with what we physically received to ensure no discrepancies during transport
  • Secure restricted area in our facility with access control system
  • Fully recorded and backed up video surveillance
Compliance at every level

ADL Process is committed to provide customized services to help organizations meet their internal policies to dispose of products. We provide a certificate of destruction for your records. ADL Process is fully compliant with the standards and best practices set by environmental regulations and labor laws.

Expertly Trained Staff

The backbone of our company, our team of full-time expert staff are continuously trained on security protocols, environmental regulations, and health & safety protocols. The results are efficient service, high quality work, and a low rate of accidents/injuries.

Our product destruction team is thoroughly screened (criminal background check), and receives specialized training.

Positive impact on the environment

By working with us, your organization makes a positive impact on the environment and in helping conserve our planet’s resources. Recycling responsibly helps prevent the inappropriate discarding of hazardous substances and contributes to the recovery of materials that would have gone to waste.

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    Product Destruction in Action

    Company Y is manufacturing electronic toys, the engineers noticed a malfunction of the battery in one of their product that poses a danger to users. The CEO decided to recall this product before an accident occurs to protect his company’s reputation and avoid costly liability law suits. He was afraid of defective products being reintroduced in the marketplace, so decided to have the entire inventory destroyed and contracted ADL Process to perform the mandate. ADL Process identified the needs of Company Y and developed a plan to address them while complying with Company Y internal policies as follows:

    • Shipment to ADL Process with inventory list of received items and storage in controlled access area with video surveillance
    • Physical destruction by shredding of the toys recorded by video surveillance and witnessed by a notary
    • Issuance of certificate of destruction
    • Recycling of materials from shredded remains of toys

    The CEO is satisfied that Company Y will not be subject to liability and reputational risk from those defective products.

    Products going into shredder
    Shredded products