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Community Awareness Events

At ADL Process, we believe it is our social responsibility to bring awareness of electronics disposal best practices in communities; with the purpose of having a meaningful impact towards reducing electronic waste, and conserving our planet’s resources.

Family putting old phone in recycle binADL Process is encouraging organizations to get involved in raising awareness surrounding electronic waste environmental issues by hosting and sponsoring community awareness events.

ADL Process is committed to developing long lasting partnerships with organizations rooted in their communities, to build multi-faceted educational and collection programs. By working together and pulling resources, we believe accomplishments will be greater in bringing awareness to the public.

How does a partnership with ADL Process benefit your organization?

  • Your customers can conveniently and safely dispose of used electronics
  • You build social value and increase your public profile through community outreach and educational initiatives
  • You have the opportunity to engage with your customers on an environmental level to deepen relationships

What would the partnership look like?

ADL Process has the expertise of running collection programs; we support our partners by providing marketing, logistics, and necessary training to volunteers at no cost to make the partnership a success. Our team works with you to develop customized plans that fit your goals, here are some of the activities we propose:

  • Yearly collection events at your location with educational and awareness activities
  • Permanent drop-off collection bins at your location

What products we can collect?

List of electronic products we accept and refuse.

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    Fundraising for your cause

    Community-attended events are a great way to get others involved in your cause. Whether you are organizing your own event or taking part in someone else’s event; by partnering with ADL Process, you are not only raising funds for what you believe in, you are also bringing awareness of e-waste and helping conserve the environment.